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Our Purpose

The Dr. Scholl’s® brand has been synonymous with foot care for more than 115 years and remains the most trusted brand in foot care.

Today, the company continues to advance the mission of company founder William Mathias Scholl, M.D., whose passion for scientifically supporting the feet to improve mobility helped Dr. Scholl’s® become a household name. Because moving more has great health benefits, Dr. Scholl’s® is committed to helping you move better from the ground up. Our products are designed to help eliminate fatigue, discomfort and pain at the source, so you can keep moving and enjoy a more active, healthier life.

Dr. Scholl’s® insoles are clinically proven to provide comfort, reduce fatigue and help relieve and prevent lower body pains caused by being on your feet. By supporting the feet properly, and in turn the whole body, Dr. Scholl’s® insoles help stabilize the feet and absorb the impact of your feet hitting the ground – which can be up to 2 to 3 times your body weight. This constant pounding can lead to tired achy feet, muscle fatigue and lower body pain.

• We also offer a full line of skin treatment products for the feet to help treat common ailments easily and discreetly at home, including wart, corn, callus, blister, and bunion cushions and removers, as well as an ingrown toenail remover.

• Our foot odor and wetness sprays/powders help combat smelly, sweaty feet and treat athlete’s foot, and our odor-fighting insoles provide odor protection, cooling and cushioning.

We love feet, and we’re here to help you put your best foot forward and do more of what you love to do!

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